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Hi!  I’m Neli Mermecha and as some of you may have noticed, I have added a PayPal Donate Button to my blog.


Why? Well, as most of you know, especially those that have been following me since January, I am currently homeless, without insurance, and (news) in desperate need of dental care.

Currently I am in college and working 4 jobs, but I owe the college $3,376 and still need to pay for my medicine every month ( a little over $100/month for my migraine/seizure meds, and to help prevent my chronic kidney stones), on top of taking an 18 hour course load.

This leaves very little money left over to eat and get transportation to some of my jobs let alone go to the dentist.

I need to go to the dentist because my permanent retainer is coming off of my teeth, leaving an exposed wire and concrete plate cutting into my tongue.  Because I have Lupus, having exposed anything in my mouth is a dangerous game, due to my failing immune system.  (the permanent retainer is a wire attached to the back of my bottom teeth with concrete that was placed to prevent my teeth from migrating, because I have 8 missing molers from a genetic condition).

All of this said, I do not expect for the donate button to cover the entire cost (not having insurance is quite a pain), but anything you can donate would be a great help to me!  I have estimated that it will cost about $400 to go to the dentist (God Bless America), so really even a dollar or two would mean the absolute world to me, or just reblogging this so that someone who can donate will be able to see it.

Thank you so much for all of your support through these past few months as you have all seen the rather dramatic rollercoaster that is my life <3

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